Refunds are not available for purchased products unless the order was canceled prior to shipping as outlined in our Cancellation Policy.

Return of food products of proper quality is not possible.
Goods can only be accepted for exchange and only in the following cases:

1. We delivered the wrong product;

2. The product has been damaged during delivery to the point where it cannot be consumed/used safely;

3. The expiration date of the product has expired before the date of delivery

4. The product turned out to be spoiled and unsuitable for consumption

The quality and quantity of the delivered products must be checked by the Customer before the courier leaves the place of delivery. If there are discrepancies with the Order or damaged products, please return them to the courier and contact our Customer service team immediately.

In the event that the product delivered to the Customer, in the opinion of the Customer, is subject to exchange due to quality issue (Clause 3 and 4 above), the Customer must immediately inform the Customer Service as well as to send the photos of the delivered product along with the description of the quality issue.

Claims and requests for the return and exchange of the Goods for any of the above stated reasons must be submitted by the Customer to our Customer Service within 48 hours from the date of delivery of the Goods.

In the event that a discrepancy / inadequate quality of the product is confirmed, we will exchange the product within three working days from the date of receiving Customer’s request.
In this case, the delivery to the Customer will be free of charge.

Exchange is possible only with the original Invoice